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Human Practice

Have Fun in Hot Spring Valley

We are the first iGEM team that integrates culture element into synthetic biology and opens a new leaf for in iGEM society. In this part, we utilize the resources inside our home town by make a relationship with our project and different institutes such as a hot spring valley and Taipei astronomical museum factories.
In order to understand the sulfur metabolism in our environment, we go to a hot spring valley which is an area filled with sulfur resources. It’s a trade off for us to balance the environment and synthetic biology. The best ways is combine the culture elements and scientific factors to protect our environment, just as what we do. By doing so, we guys can enjoy the atmosphere, enjoy research and enjoy iGEM.

Further more, not only do we collect several bacteria from the hot spring, we also analyze it by molecular biology technology techniques to find out whether bacteria can stay well and make use of sulfur element from hot spring area or not. Furthermore, we young scientists make a discussion about the impact from our project and understand what we can do to make our hometown a better one. The most important thing is that we have lots of fun by such a practical activity. 

The water from the hot spring.