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Human Practice

Welcome Party for Freshmen in National Yang Ming University

By the end of August, the newborn list of all departments of the National Yang Ming University will be announced. Sophomores of those departments will hold welcome parties in the northern, central, southern area of Taiwan respectively to introduce the events, environment, curriculums, and all kinds of clubs of the National Yang Ming University to the freshmen and let our freshmen to be familiar with each other.

In Saturday afternoon, August 25th, in the northern welcome party of medical department, the attendance was up to 100 people, and we got a chance introduce what is iGEM, how about the development of synthetic biology, and what our iGEM team of National Yang Ming University had done from 2007 t0 2012.

After the party, many freshmen of the medical department asked lots of interesting questions and wanted to know how to participate in iGEM team of NYMU next year by our team members and our discussing platform on facebook.

These results not only indicated that we have successfully achieved our goal of spreading the idea of iGEM and synthetic biology and attracting the interest of our freshmen! It senses that we will make more people to take attention and join the field of synthetic biology!