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Human Practice

Press Release for the Taiwan iGEMer Fest

2012 NYMU(National Yang Ming University) iGEM team held "Taiwan iGEM team Synthetic Biology Seminar” on August 15,2012. Nearly 50 people including teachers and students from National Yang Ming University, National Chiao Tung University and National Taiwan University participated in the seminar. The purpose of this activity is to promote exchanging of crazy ideas and share team project.

NYMU’s  topic is "Venus Marvel" - into the cell and on to the planet. They want to create a creature can survive on Venus. The creature also integrate the special ability of cyanobacteria and Desulfovibrio. It can also be applied to solve today factory emissions of toxic gases such as sulfides and nitrides.

NTU team try to solve fatness problem. They design a bacteria which can secret  a short peptide to stimulate the nervous and suppress appetite.

NCTU team endeavor to resolve isobutanol tolerance of the bacteria in the manufacturing process of the new energy in order to achieve good output of new energy.

Chuan-Hsiung Chang teacher, NYMU iGEM team instructor will encourage students to communicate and discuss with more teams. He said” It will become a force to change the world. NYMU iGEM team leader Chen Shi-hao said: "Although the competition is fierce, we are full of confidence. His aim is to strive glory for NYMU and Taiwan! Chuan-Hsiung Chang teacher and NCTU, NTU agreed "We must let the world see Taiwan and Taiwanese students’ excellence!"