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12 Growth Curve:


12.1 Set up cells culture in ~2mL LB + antibiotic.


12.2 Grow at 37℃, 250 rpm overnight.


12.3 Dilute in LB + antibiotic so that final OD600 is ~0.05 for each culture.


12.4 Take OD600 of freshly dilute cultures. Another dilution may be necessary.


12.5 Grow at 37℃, 250 rpm.


12.6 Take OD600 at 30mins.


12.7 Once OD600 has reached ~0.1, begin taking ODs every 20mins.


12.8 When OD600 =0.2, split cultures in half and induce half with 2mM IPTG.


12.9 Once an OD 1.0 is reached dilute the culture 1:1 with media to take an accurate OD. Then multiply the OD value by the dilution factor.