Week 1 (06.22-06.24): Preparation

June 22

1. Do some washing.

2. Prepare LB plates, including ampicillin, kanamycin and spectinomycin resistance.

3. Get some E.coli DH5αcompetent cells from Prof. Xiao Mu. Receive E.coli BL21*(DE3) strain requested previously.

4. Transformation: extract plasmid pCJDD0 (Ampr), pCJDFA (Kanr) and pCJDFB (Spr) from filter paper received, transform them into DH5αcompetent cells respectively.

June 23

Amplify E.coli BL21*(DE3) strain.

June 24

1. Make glycerol stock of E.coli BL21*(DE3) strain.

2. Make competent cells of E.coli BL21*(DE3) strain and DH10β.