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Peking team visiting our team

Seven team members of Peking team, Hongyu Xiong, Wenyuan Zhou, Sibai Sun, Hong Zhang, Wenming Xing, Tian Lu and Zidong Zhang visited us on July 27th. Before they came, we thought to work together on a project of Human Practice, addressing lectures related to iGEM and synthetic biology to high school students in Zhejiang Science and Technology Museum. This was a good project and also a rare chance, after all, Hangzhou was nearly 1600 kilometers away from Beijing. Peking team provided event planning and contacted with the person in charge of museum, our team designed and printed the post and tried to contacted with teachers of several high schools in Hangzhou. But due to summer holidays, it was difficult to call together highschool students. At last, we had to give up this project. It was really a pity. Anyway, our team communicated with Peking team happily. We exchanged the project and recent progress with each other, and had a wonderful dinner together! Though we can't collaborate on Human Practice this year, this visit no doubt strengthened the friendship between Peking team and ZJU team!