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"A love story between Syn & Bio"


Members of 2012 iGEM ZJU-China are versatile in many aspects. We decided to create an animation to illustrate our project in a more recreational way! Then, producing a music video bumped into our mind. ZJU-iGEM changed the lyrics of the song "I'm Yours" (sing by Jazon Mraz), draw the entire animation and finish the song all by ourselves during lab time. All of us felt so proud of it, and can’t wait to share with you.


It is a love story of Syn and Bio, they’re both genes in the same chromosome of a same E.coli. They are destined to transcribe and translated into enzymes, and they fall in love with each other when they’re still gene. As it was told, they’re going to play an important role, catalyzing in the same biological pathway, however, it’s still extremely hard to meet each other because the E.coli is so big! And of course, the efficiency of the pathway is very low because they’re separated. The young lovely couple S&B were in a broken heart, they’re just like Romeo and Juliet, Rose and Jack, Liang shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, Xu Xian and Bai Niangzi. However, ZJU-China believes in true love and won’t let this tragedy happen! We are going to send a RNA scaffold, it’s like a messenger with radar, help to find both enzymes and bind them in one scaffold. Thanks to ZJU-China, S and B could stay with each other happily ever after, catalyzing, catalyzing, catalyzing..