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"Scaffold in your eyes"


RNA Scaffold is flexible in designing, which makes it perfectly applicable in many biological pathways and acts different roles in biological systems in vivo. And designing is the most important and highlighted part of our project, we want to share the "design and re-design" concept in synthetic biology with the public. According to that, we came up with "Scaffold in your eyes". There’s a famous movie at that time in China, "You Are the Apple of My Eye". Both the Chinese and English name of this activity borrowed part of that movie, which successfully catch public’s attention. We design our scaffolds follow certain principles, one of them is that we still use the PP7 & MS2 binding site.We post the activity on our university’s BBS, and hang up posters on each dormitory hall. Then we set site in the center of campus, provided color pen and paper with the shape of PP7 & MS2 binding site, asked them to draw whatever they like based on that, and introduced our idea of designing after that. Each of our participants received a chance in a small lottery afterwards, together with a synbio bookmark we made ourselves. Lots of people passed, stopped to take up the pen, and listened to our mini-presentations. We received more than 100 drawings. Besides, there’re foreign students and even a seven year old girl draw in this activity.