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Card game: Methane Killer


In the game cards are divided into four categories: methane cards, gene cards, bacteria cards, instructions cards and life cards.


Methane cards: cause a damage for the rival.


Gene cards: include alarm gene 1, 2, 3 and methane eating gene, which can build alarming factory and methane swallowing factory with bacteria cards according to certain rules.


Alarming gene 1+2+3 + bacteria cards= methane alarming factory: makes the attack of your rival invalid after you show the alarm starting card.


methane eating gene+ bacteria cards= methane swallowing factory: make the methane card put down by your rival into your hand after you show the swallow starting card.


instructions cards: the alarming starting card, swallowing starting card


Alarm frozen cards, swallow frozen cards: make the rival's alarming factories and swallowing factory invalid in a cycle.


Alarm thaw cards, swallow thaw cards: make the rival 's alarm frozen cards, swallow frozen cards invalid in a cycle


Life cards: every card has five red dots;you will lose a dots if you get an effective attack.


At the beginning of the game, each player will get a piece of life card and 2 pieces of methane cards.Each player take two cards from the Pile (including four categories), confront with the rival according to the function of the cards.the one who lose the five red dots first is the failer.


HP creative idea workshop still has a lot to do afterwards; we are going to conduct a real research to serious think about humanity and science, which will be described in detail in our future work.