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Hangzhou No.2 High School


Our High school visit back start from winter project: Group "Lignin Cinderella" went to the local high school, Hangzhou No.2 High School, delivered a presentation to the school’s biology interesting group. "Hangzhou No.2 High School has always enjoyed a high reputation in Zhejiang", in the group’s description, they mentioned that "and we’d been honored to take this as a start to introduce iGEM to all the excellent high schools in Hangzhou". Their discussion about synthetic biology triggered the interest of some high school students there, and we received emails from them. After that, two of them even pay a visit to our lab in summer, and participate our activity, "experience a real iGEM lab life".


Qiushi Science Summer Camp


ZJU was the host for the Qiushi Science Summer Camp, where high school senior students came from around the country to study. As the host, ZJU gave us a chance to do a presentation about iGEM and our project. Some high school students who participate in our discussion were also gaven a brochure we made as a gift, which about iGEM ZJU-China and our previous year projects.


After presentation, some high school student showed interest to our lab and took a visit there. Our lab instructor profesor Ming Ding, together with our members, introduced the facilities and our experients in detail. All of our visitors took the iGEM bookmarks and badages of last year’s biofilm.