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Scientific Activities


We always find it accomplished and exciting to participate in scientific activities. This year ZJU-China seized the opportunities to present our idea to more fellow students, teachers and even scientists.


iGEM ZJU-China took part in the first technological innovation buffet meeting held by College of Life Science (CLS). It was in grass hall on May 25th, 2012. Professor Jianzhong Shao of cells and developmental biology institute, professor Xiaohang Yang of Genetics Institute, professor Ming Chen and Xin Chen of Plant scientific research institute, professor Xin Chen of ko-institut and Professor Yongquan Li of biochemistry institute were invited to be members of the jury. Sixteen research projects of postgraduates, undergraduates and iGEM group, involving in both microcosmic and macroscopic aspect, participated in the buffet meeting. Participants introduced their own works and answered questions raised by the jury. The buffet meeting lasted two hours. The atmosphere combined academic and lighthearted as well owing to the tasty food and drinks prepared. The buffet meeting reinforced the academic communication and innovation of among the students from CLS, which undoubtedly promoted the progress of CLS students’ Academic researches. The awards were decided based on the grades from the jury and vote result at the scene, and we are so glad to win the first place.


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Our projects also apply for National University Students Innovation Training Program and both two of them have already been authorized. We exhibited our research plan on June 8, 2012, and answered the questions within all students research groups from different colleges and departments.


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