1. We have successfully registered the team, had a great time discussing together, and spent a wonderful summer in lab.


2. We have successfully completed and submitted the iGEM 2012 Judging form and highlight our achievement on wiki.


3. We have designed a clear-organized iGEM wiki and really like the style. The wiki introduces our project in detail and present our outreach work in synthetic biology.


4. We enjoyed Asia Jamboree this October, presented out brilliant Riboscaffold with a Poster and talk and advanced to world championship. It’s going to be a great fun in MIT!


5. We successfully submitted and described 2 new standard BioBrick Parts, BBa_K738000 and BBa_K738002, in the Registry of Standard Biological Parts, including details like primary nuleaic acid sequence, description of function, authorship, acknowledgment of sources and references. We have made detailed characterization in the operation of our new parts, which designed by ourselves.


6. We also made efforts on improving an existing BioBrick Part, BBa_K537009 and BBa_K411003, entering this information back on the Experience Page of the Registry.


7. We enjoy our Creative HP Ideas Workshop a lot, practicing different ways in human practice of synthetic biology, and it works well. Human Practice of 2012 ZJU-China was divided into 3 main parts, which are experience a real iGEM, explore a new iGEM and collaboration. We made full use of Synthetic Biology Club by holding activities which had more than 100 participants on campus; we held several lectures to promote public understanding of synthetic biology and iGEM; We held ZJU Jamboree to welcome 60 undergraduates from more than 19 colleges to experience a whole “real” process of iGEM (research plan, presentations and project development); we participated in two big scientific fairs in university and our project was getting known by more people. We had a HP creative idea workshop which aims to dig deep in ethics and humanity in iGEM, and collecting creative and workable ideas from our club members. We collaborated and got involved in freshman English speech contest to see how our freshman will response to biosafety issues, we made an awesome musical comic video and sing in it. ZJU-China aims to be different in human practice this year.


8. We use 3 exceptional methods to model our scaffold and its enzymatic reaction from different perspectives. More than ODE, we use molecular dynamics simulations, docking and RNA 3D structure prediction. In addition, we create a program analyzing scaffold’s effects on enzymatic reaction and production.


9. We did concern issues in iGEM safety, and answered all the safety questions on our wiki, and we even added it to our human practice. We collaborated with another club in campus to see what our freshmen will response to the biosafety issues in the freshman speech contest.