Project Support

Dr. Gautam Dantas and Dr. Joseph Jez served as mentors during our iGEM project duration. They had weekly meeting with us and helped us troubleshoot any ideas that we had. Dr. Jez also lent us lab supplies. Jonathan Hermann acted as the student advisor. He headed the weekly meetings in the early stages of the project and gave us advice on our project ideas. Bert Berla, Larry Page, and Brian Landry guided us both before the project began by helping us brainstorm ideas and afterwards by sharing their knowledge on our model organism Synechocystis PCC 6803.

Modeling Support

Dr. Yinjie Tang and his graduate student Arul Varman guided us on the creation of our model. They had a big hand in teaching us how to begin our model and were always there when we came across stumbling blocks.

General Support

Washington University Biology Department provided us with a workspace, the Biology Teaching Lab. Carol Kohring went over safety guidelines with us and showed us how to use the autoclave.

Financial­­­ & Lab Facilities

iGEM would like to thank Sigma-Aldrich and New England BioLabs Inc for lab supplies, Washington University for stipends, Washington University School of Engineering and Monsanto for financial support and DNA 2.0 for materializing our construct design.

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