Team Virginia

Josh Fass

Biomedical Engineering 2014
Josh is a third-year studying Biomedical Engineering at UVA. When he's not in a zen-like pipetting trance or fangirling over famous genome engineers, he can be observed striking contemplative poses while wandering the woods or pontificating over pizza about biocomputers. He plans to pursue a PhD in bioengineering.

Jackie Grimm

Biology 2012
Jackie Grimm is a fourth-year Biology major interested in the biology of infectious disease and phage engineering for diagnostics and phage therapy.

Syed Hassan

Computer Science and Chemistry 2014
Syed Hassan is a third year Computer Science major. Although he would rather perpetually play with a computational model of a systems biology problem, he likes to obtain validity through wetwork. Outside of lab, he plays tennis or his guitar.

John Hubczak

Chemical Engineering 2013
John Hubczak, a 4th year Chemical Engineering student from the University of Virginia, enjoys cooking tasty treats when he is not busy reading, studying, or playing video games.

Shaun Moshasha

Biochemistry and Physics 2013
Shaun Moshasha is a 5th year Biochemistry and Physics double major at the UVA. When not creating cellular Frankensteins, Shaun enjoys playing the piano, observing nature, and developing businesses. Although new to the iGEM competition, Shaun had been intrigued by the concept of synthetic biology for quite some time, but since his initiation in the wet lab, he has now honed in on his main passion.

Joseph Muldoon

Biology and Biochemistry 2013
Joe is a fourth year majoring in biology and biochemistry. In addition to iGEM, he conducts research in transcriptional regulation and in computational systems biology, and outside of lab he plays clarinet and composes music. Next year he plans to attend graduate school for synthetic biology.

Omar Raza

Biology 2014
Omar Raza joined this competition because of the freedom the students had to conduct their research and the opportunity to apply some of the knowledge they gained from various classes. One of the main things he likes about the project is the potential it has to serve the public by allowing for faster detection of bordatella pertussis, the causative agent for whooping cough.

Alex Zorychta

Biomedical Engineering 2013
Alex Zorychta is a fourth-year Biomedical Engineering student. This is his first year on the iGEM team, and is planning to move onto graduate school next year in Biomedical Engineering. When not at the bench, he is off on various adventures.

Our Advisors

Dr. Kimberly Kelly: Biomedical Engineering
Dr. Keith Kozminski: Biology and Cell Biology
Dr. Inchan Kwon: Chemical Engineering
Dr. Erik Hewlett: Infectious Diseases
Dr. Jason Papin: Biomedical Engineering