Professor Kimberly Kelly for hosting the entire iGEM team this year in her laboratory space and for helping us work through larger conceptual issues regarding the trajectory of the project
Professor Erik Hewlett for his expertise in epidemiology of Bordetella, and sharing his extensive network of scientific contacts in order to help us achieve our goals.
Dr. Siva Dasa for his expertise in bacterial cultures, bacteriophage amplification, and bacteriophage isolation and many other laboratory techniques.
Dr. Jeff Smith for his guidance in all aspects of molecular biology and genetic engineering on this project.
Dr. Gina Donato for use of her BSL-2 lab space for experiments with B. pertussis, as well as her mentorship in all aspects related to Bordetella.

Professors Keith Kozminski, Jason Papin, and Inchan Kwon for their continued mentorship of the Virginia iGEM team and their reliability in helping us navigate all things iGEM.

Arjun Athreya, member of Virginia's 2010 and 2011 iGEM teams, for guidance and feedback throughout the spring semester and early summer.

Jacqueline Niu, member of Virginia's 2011 iGEM team, for useful conversations and guidance throughout the spring semester.

Yanzhi Yang, member of Virginia's 2011 iGEM team, for useful conversations and helping with cell culture in the early summer.

Special thanks to the Kelly lab specialists and graduate students, including Stephanie Thomas, Lindsey Brinton, Marc Seaman, Soo Shin, Jaymes Beech, and Dustin Bauknight, and special thanks to the Hewlett group, including Mary Gray and Dr. Joshua Eby, for their guidance and support.


  • UVA Alumni Lacy Fund
  • Incoming Dean Hawley and Outgoing Dean Galloway of the UVA College of Arts and Sciences
  • UVA Medical School
  • Kelly Laboratory in the U.Va. Cardiovascular Research Center
  • Hewlett Laboratory in the U.Va. Department of Infectious Diseases and International Health