Team:University College London/gemFM/Queens


Queens iGEM and Dr. Jay Keasling


The Queens Canada team are making chimeric bacteria flagella. By making insertions in the variable domain of the bacterial flagellin, Queens aim to incorporate metal binding proteins, enzymes, adhesive proteins as well as scaffolding proteins to further extend the possible applications. Inspired by Dr. John Bohannon and the Dance Your PhD Contest, Queens are also developing dance as a unique alternative for explaining scientific concepts.

Overcoming Barriers in Biotech
Dr Jay Keasling (Berkeley) is working on a replacement for jet fuel and diesel, following his success creating anti-malarial drugs from yeast. Biofuels are liquid fuels derived from the solar energy stored in plant biomass. His research team aim to engineer new microbes as an alternative to yeast that can quickly and efficiently ferment complex sugars derived from starch-based biomass into biofuels.

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