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Who we are


  • Grimaldo Elías Ureña, M.Sc.


  • arturo3010: Arturo Nieves
  • egaruz89: Emmanuel Garuz
  • Brainiac: William Vong
  • Dreycko: Edwin Toribio
  • Alezc: Jorge Lezcano
  • fotis: Fotis Stringos
  • S.Mitre: Salomon A. Mitre


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Aknowledgements (Thank you)

Thank you for all us Faculty Staff Dr Martin Candanedo, Dr Humberto Alvarez and our UTP President Marcela Paredes de Vasquez, whom always believes in our instructor vision of make world class science at UTP.
Also, we want to thanks to Computer Science Engineering Faculty to collaborate at the beginning of our recruitment and promotion (thanks Sergio!).
And Finally We want to say thank you to Meagan & Randy, for this incredible experience, and now our Latin America Jamboree.

And special thanks to Bernardo Pollak and his team from Chile for giving us an excellent idea about developing a software tool for sequencing! Thank you -