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PHASE I: Recruitment and official campaign launch for UTP-Software Team 2012

May 17th,2012 This day the Instructors Grimaldo Elias made the official campaign launching.

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    This is our invitation Poster that we used on the Launching session at our Campus Lobby.

    Meetings & Launch

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    About Our Meetings and work in this Notebook
    UTP-Software Team 2012, from the very beginning has been organizing meetings on academic period. We have worked a lot on weekends and after classes hours. General meetings were carried out regularly on Saturdays.

    Synbio Training sessions:

    From May 18th until June 14th we developed the Workshops and lectures to Synthetic Biology.

    Thematic Introductory Course in Synthetic Biology
    a. What is iGEM and synthetic biology?
    b. Molecules of Life and DNA Structure
    c. Central Dogma and information flow in biological systems
    d. Recombinant DNA Technology
    e. Introduction to Synthetic Biology and the BioBricks Standards
    f. Track Software iGEM competition


    From June to the month of July we developed many ideas and platforms about possible ideas and projects. From these meetings came the following ideas:

    • Development of new tools for helping future iGEM teams.
    • Development tool for engineering projects, we first found the most important area in order to apply it in our country.

    Development of a prototype software to read and extract information from the parts registry about the protocols standards and we show evidence of this project in the following image:

      Prototipo 21 de julio.jpg

      Choosing Projects

      July 2012

      The UTP Team decided to develop new software for iGEM teams and individuals involved in Synbio.

      I. Mutagenesis study:
      We proposed to study ways to automate site directed mutagenesis in our software program. Meanwhile another group of students of our team were studying and implementing the development of primers in this process.

      II. We also began to develop an idea for a software that would help to develop projects related to energy production energy through biotechnology (biofuels). We chose the energy sector being both a national and global need, as our country uses mainly imported energy sources.

      PHASE III: Biofuel ToolKit Project

      August and September 2012
      In the month of August we decided to finally continue with our iGEM Begineer's tools, at the same time that of develop a more professional Engineering tool. In this sense our team develop work to implementate differents aspects of Assembly Biobricks analysis and Site Direct Mutagenesis, in our project. On the other hand part of our team study and develop an strategy to implement SynBio standards Biobricks and Devices in a database.

      Since beginning of September we make a lot of running and corrections to our code and concepts to finally get our S2MT Software.

      About "Biosinergia Project", we met with staff of the International Center of Open Source Software Development (, where we established a collaboration to introduce ourselves in Grid Computing as solution for the implementation of Biosinergia Project.