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Cyanolux & SpiderColi - Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, iGEM 2012

The almighty "Al"


About the team

Team Quotes

"The longer you stay, the longer you stay" (Carla)

"I want to invent a new greek god that is brother to Gaia: Gay-a" (Simon)

"I have centrifugephobia" (Simon)

"We need a new logo. Something that contains a dragon, a genetically engineered cell and the coat of arms of our university" (Carla)

"Hmmmm... does anybody remember Kai from Dragon Ball Z? It is green like cyano and has the name of the clock! (emailed at 2.13 am by Pollak)

"Over the edge" (Pollak)

"Let them criticize. Do you really think I'm going to change somehow?" (Pollak)

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