New beginnings aren't easy, especially ones that involve starting new iGEM team. We want to thank all people and organizations that helped and supported us along the way.

First we want to thank Dr. Roee Amit, our chief adviser, who made the idea of Israeli iGEM team a reality and allowed this project to happen. We want to thank Dr. Sharon Levi-Tal who helped us during first stages of our project. We also had reserved special thanks to Dr. Orna Attar who was practically a god-mother of our project. Her help with professional and administrative questions was invaluable for our project. And of course we want to thank Sarah, Aya, Michal and Slava from Roee's lab for helping us with professional questions about wet lab protocols and such.

We also want to thank the dean of Food and Biotechnology Engineering prof. Ben-Zion Levi for providing us with monetary aid and facilities to make our project. Special thanks goes to different labs in the Faculty of Food and Biotechnology Engineering for helping us out with materials, equipment and professional advices.

In addition we want to thank our sponsors:

  • Prof. Yuval Shoham, director of Lorry I. Lokey Interdisciplinary Center for Life Science and Engineering, and prof. Ishi Talmon, director of The Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute for donating money to the project.
  • Omri Amirav, founder and CEO of Genome Compiler Corporation for allowing us to use his software for our design needs and for monetary aid.
  • Sigma-Aldrich, NEB corporation and Ornat for helping us out with materials and kits.
  • Our institute, Technion, for helping us with monetary aid and equipment.

Thank you for all help!

Our Sponsors