Human Outreach

Nacht van de Kunst & Wetenschap

Nacht van de Kunst en Wetenschap means Night of Art & Science. It was held in Groningen. We were invited as one of the Llowlab partners and it was our first experience in educating the society about Synthetic Biology. We designed three games to demonstrate different parts of our project.
First the audience was introduced to the idea of a receptor. We had build a Lego receptor to explain how a receptor is specific for one molecule. The light went on when a banana was placed but not by apple.
To explain why we want yeast to detect certain molecules, we designed a smelling game. There were 10 different bottles with odours and the visitors of our table were called to find what do they smell the one that would have the most correct answers is the winner of our yeast cuddly toy.
The third game was two vases with sand the one had paprika powder in and mixed with water the solution was becoming fluorescent. We said we mix it with yeast so to show the production of fluorescent protein by yeast when is activated.