Human Outreach

LowLands 2012 - LLowlab Fasten Your Future

A Campingflight to Lowlands Paradise, also known as simply Lowlands, is a 3-day music festival, held annually in the Netherlands in August. Lowlands has about 55,000 visitors, over 200 acts and more than ten stages every year.
Llowlab is the sustainable platform where innovative and sustainable projects or products get a chance to present themselves to the public. Scientist and inventors can reduce the gap between science and society. All the projects were explained by people with the help of t-shirts with an illustration and not explained by 'just' a poster. This gave a very nice interaction and a lot of room for questions.
This year 20.000 people visited Llowlab and audience was very broad but one thing they had all in common was that all of them were very interested. All parts of our project came together at Llowlab, professors and biologists with very critical questions about the labwork and the biology, people who were very interested in the potential for Africa and people from Green Peace with questions about the ethics.
To explain what our project was, we started by explaining what a receptor was and how basically we would let the yeast construct this. Then we used our Llowlab game to show what the link between the molecule, the receptor and the DNA was. We did this by large illustrations of the molecule and then constructing a receptor from little colored bricks on top of those illustrations. These receptor bricks represented amino acids. With the order of amino acids, people determined the DNA sequence and wrote this down. We had many compliments about the game, the best one was that they have to use this game at high schools.

Mark explaining with the famous Llowlab t-shirt