Our YAO system can be used as a relatively independent compartment for biosynthesis with in a yeast cell. We call this system YAO.Factory. A YAO.Factory has three advantages.

    1. The membrane structure will reduce the harm the synthetic pathways would do to the whole cell.

    2. As the enzymes are clustered, the reactions will be accelerated.

    3. This system can be self-replicated taking advantages of the replication system for mitochondria.

An Example

    We choose to introduce the mevalonate pathway of yeast into our YAO. The final products of this pathway, IPP, GPP and FPP are precursors for many other terpenoids and terpene-based products such as Artemisinin. By adding signal sequence that is specific to YAO.Channel to the enzymes of the pathway or construct a YAO.Genome contains the genes, we can build a YAO.Factory that product this terpenoids in a safer and more effective way.

    Project yao factory p1.jpg

    Figure 1. Mevalonate pathway of yeast.