Lectures on synthetic biology and iGEM have been given to:

  • BGIers
  • - BGI Research Institute,

    - BGI College,

    - High School Summer Camp,

    - Summer Internship for Undergraduates

  • University Students
  • - South China University of Technology,

    - Wuhan University,

    - Huazhong University of Science and Technology,

    - South University of Science and Technology of China

  • High School Students
  • - Shenzhen High School,

    - Shenzhen Experimental School,

    - Shenzhen Foreign Languages School,

    - Luohu Foreign Languages School


    With the help of the Unit of Synthetic Biology, we are trying to develop three synthetic biology related courses that can be shared with BGI College students:

     - Build a Genome, focusing on DNA assembly technologies,

     - Step into Genetic Circuits, focusing on basic molecular systems biology knowledge, designing principles and experimental methods,

     - Computational Systems Biology, focusing on the mathematical modeling work of natural or artificial systems.