Team:Shenzhen/Practices/High School


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    As Team:Shenzhen, Team:SUSTC-A and Team:SUSTC-B have been making great efforts on promoting iGEM and synthetic biology in Shenzhen high schools, we are have been string on an localized iGEM competition or summer camp in 2013. At least four high schools, including:

    - Shenzhen High School,

    - Shenzhen Experimental School,

    - Shenzhen Foreign Languages School,

    - Luohu Foreign Languages School,

    have shown their interets to join.

Student Association

    In August, several youngsters from Shenzhen Foreign Languages School joined YAO project and worked together with our undergraduates for two weeks. As they have great talent and willing to initial their own projects, they have built iGEM association in Shenzhen Foreign Languages School, which is the first student association in Shenzhen high schools. They will get guidance from BGI College iGEM Team or the Unit of Synthetic Biology of BGI Research Institute per two weeks.