Lectures & Courses

    Lectures or couses on synthetic biology and iGEM have been given to:

     - BGIers, from high school students, internship students to professors,

     - Four universities and

     - Four high schools

iGEM High School

    We have helped one high school set up its own iGEM association for the first time. Besides, we have been working on an localized iGEM competition or summer camp in 2013. At least four high schools in Shenzhen have shown their interets:

     - Shenzhen High School,

     - Shenzhen Experimental School,

     - Shenzhen Foreign Languages School,

     - Luohu Foreign Languages School

Teamwork with SUSTC

    We have been in cooperations with both teams from SUSTC, in areas of:

     - Co-instructors,

     - Laboratory sharing,

     - iGEM workshops and

     - Open courses