Favorite Parts
  • Best Parts

    BBa_K809001, mitochondrial coded GFP

    BBa_K809002, mitochondrial replication origin ori7

    BBa_K809003, mitochondrial upstream elements (promoter+RBS), from cox1 gene

  • Best Parts, Engineered

    BBa_K809101, mtGFP expression unit

  • Best Improved Parts

    BBa_K809605, lamda-Holin in BBa format, engineered from BBa_K112306 in BBb format

    BBa_K809601, GAL promoter without start codon, engineered from BBa_J63006

      Table 1. Favorite parts in project YAO #1.0.

     WBBa_K809001ReporterMitochondrial GFPQiwu XU717
     WBBa_K809002Otherori7 region of mtDNAQiwu XU378
     WBBa_K809003RegulatoryUp elements of cox1 geneQiwu XU497
     WBBa_K809101CompositeMitochondrial shuttle plasmid carried mtGFPSenwei TANG, Qiwu XU1606
     WBBa_K809601RegulatoryGAL promoter (kozak) without start codon ATGJianhui Gong549
     WBBa_K809605CodingLambda Holin in BBa formatJianhui Gong318
All Parts

    We have designed and constructed dozens of BioBricks for the five sub-projects. Some of them have been submitted to PartsRegistry, and some of them have been proved workable.

      Table 2. All designed parts in project YAO #1.0.

       BBa_K809004TerminatorTerminator of Yeast mitochondrial gene COBXiaopeng Xu50
       BBa_K809005TerminatorTerminator of Yeast mitochondrial gene COX3Xiaopeng Xu49
       BBa_K809006TerminatorTerminator of Yeast mitochondrial gene Q0255Xiaopeng Xu65
       BBa_K809007RegulatoryPromoter of Yeast mitochondrial gene COX1/Oli1/15s rRNAXiaopeng Xu11
       BBa_K809008RBSRBS sequence of yeast mitochondrial gene AI1Xiaopeng Xu54
       BBa_K809009RBSRBS sequence of yeast mitochondrial gene OLI1Xiaopeng Xu114
     WBBa_K809010DNAUpstream recombination site of cox3Kang KANG 
     WBBa_K809011DNADowstream recombination site of cox3Kang KANG 
     WBBa_K809102CompositeRecombination sequence carried with mtGFPKang KANG 
      BBa_K809103CompositeOriginal termination efficiency test BioBricks for TcobKang KANG1278
      BBa_K809104CompositeOriginal termination efficiency test BioBricks for Tcox3Kang KANG1277
      BBa_K809105CompositeOriginal termination efficiency test BioBricks for Tq0255Kang KANG1293
       BBa_K809106CodingEfficiency test of COX3 TerminatorXiaopeng Xu911
       BBa_K809107CodingEfficiency test of COB TerminatorXiaopeng Xu912
       BBa_K809108CodingEfficiency test of Q0255 TerminatorXiaopeng Xu911
       BBa_K809201Protein_Domainsignal peptide of ZIM17Luohao Xu141
       BBa_K809202Protein_Domainsignal peptide of FERLuohao Xu96
       BBa_K809203Protein_Domainsignal peptide of TIM21Luohao Xu96
       BBa_K809204Protein_Domainsignal peptide of Tom40Luohao Xu147
       BBa_K809205Protein_Domainsignal peptide of Tom70Luohao Xu90
       BBa_K809206Protein_Domainsignal peptide of Tom22Luohao Xu130
      BBa_K809207Protein_Domainsignal peptide of Tom20Luohao Xu120
       BBa_K809208CodingToc34Luohao Xu1467
       BBa_K809209CodingToc75Luohao Xu2520
      BBa_K809301ReporterRFP + signal peptide of ZIM17 Luohao Xu853
       BBa_K809302ReporterRFP + signal peptide of FERLuohao Xu808
       BBa_K809303ReporterRFP + signal peptide of TIM21Luohao Xu808
       BBa_K809304ReporterRFP + signal peptide of Tom40Luohao Xu859
       BBa_K809305ReporterRFP + signal peptide of Tom70Luohao Xu802
       BBa_K809306ReporterRFP + signal peptide of Tom22Luohao Xu842
      BBa_K809308CodingGAL promoter + RFP_SPzim17 + ADH1 terminatorLuohao Xu1642
      BBa_K809309CodingGAL promoter + RFP_SPfer + ADH1 terminatorLuohao Xu1597
      BBa_K809310CodingGAL promoter + RFP_SPtim21 + ADH1 terminatorLuohao Xu1642
      BBa_K809311CodingGAL promoter + RFP_SPtom70 + ADH1 terminatorLuohao Xu1591
      BBa_K809312CodingGAL promoter + RFP_SPtom22 + ADH1 terminatorLuohao Xu1633
       BBa_K809313ReporterYFP + signal peptide of ZIM17Luohao Xu179
       BBa_K809314ReporterYFP + signal peptide of FERLuohao Xu134
       BBa_K809315ReporterYFP + signal peptide of Tim21Luohao Xu134
       BBa_K809316ReporterYFP + signal peptide of Tom40Luohao Xu185
       BBa_K809317ReporterYFP + signal peptide of Tom70Luohao Xu128
       BBa_K809318ReporterYFP + signal peptide of Tom22Luohao Xu158
      BBa_K809319CodingGAL promoter + YFP_SPzim17 + ADH1 terminatorLuohao Xu967
      BBa_K809320CodingGAL promoter + YFP_SPfer + ADH1 terminatorLuohao Xu922
      BBa_K809321CodingGAL promoter + YFP_SPtim21 + ADH1 terminatorLuohao Xu922
      BBa_K809322CodingGAL promoter + YFP_SPtom70 + ADH1 terminatorLuohao Xu916
      BBa_K809323CodingGAL promoter + YFP_SPtom22 + ADH1 terminatorLuohao Xu946
       BBa_K809324Codingsignal peptide of Tom70 + Toc34Luohao Xu1563
      BBa_K809325CodingYFP + signal peptide of Tom70 + Toc34Luohao Xu1599
       BBa_K809326Codingsignal peptide of Tom40 + Toc75Luohao Xu2673
      BBa_K809327CodingYFP + signal peptide of Tom40 + Toc75Luohao Xu2711
      BBa_K809328CodingGAL promoter + Toc34_SPtom70 + ADH1 terminatorLuohao Xu2351
      BBa_K809329CodingGAL promoter + Toc75_SPtom40 + ADH1 terminatorLuohao Xu3463
       BBa_K809401CodingREX coding sequenceXiaopeng Xu777
       BBa_K809402RegulatoryPromoter+ROP in mitochondriaXiaopeng Xu43
       BBa_K809403RegulatoryROP+Promoter in mitochondriaXiaopeng Xu43
       BBa_K809406CodingP+ROP+OLI1 RBS+mtGFP+COX3 terminatorXiaopeng Xu943
       BBa_K809501CodingREX+SPzim17Xiaopeng Xu924
       BBa_K809502CodingGAL promoter + SP_REX + ADH1 terminatorXiaopeng Xu1713
       BBa_K809504CodingROP+P+OLI1 RBS+mtGFP+COX3 terminatorXiaopeng Xu943
      BBa_K809602CodingT7 RNAPJianhui Gong2652
      BBa_K809603CodingBovine Pancreatic DNase I (in yeast mt codon table)Jianhui Gong3023
      BBa_K809604CodingBovine Pancreatic DNase I Jianhui Gong3023
       BBa_K809606RegulatoryDLD3 promoterJianhui Gong1939
      BBa_K809607Codinghuman bax proteinJianhui Gong6942
       BBa_K809701CodingSP of ZIM17 + T7 RNAPJianhui Gong2799
      BBa_K809702CodingSP of ZIM17 + Bovine Pancreatic DNase I Jianhui Gong3172
       BBa_K809703CodingSP of ZIM17 + Holin (lambda phage)Jianhui Gong465
       BBa_K809704CodingLambda Holin + hsl1 degradation tagJianhui Gong944
       BBa_K809711CodingGAL promoter + kozak + ZIM17+ T7 RNAP + ADH1 terminatorJianhui Gong3587
       BBa_K809712CodingGAL promoter + kozak + T7 RNAP + ADH1 terminatorJianhui Gong3440
       BBa_K809713CodingT7 promoter + yeast mt RBS(AI1)+ GFP + ADH1 terminatorJianhui Gong1042
      BBa_K809714CodingT7 promoter + yeast mt RBS(AI1) + mtGFP + ADH1 terminatorJianhui Gong1039
       BBa_K809715CodingT7 promoter + yeast mt RBS(AI1)+ Bovine Pancreatic DNase I (mt) + ADH1 terminatorJianhui Gong3347
      BBa_K809716CodingGAL promoter + DNase + ADH1 terminatorJianhui Gong3813
      BBa_K809717CodingGAL promoter + ZIM17 + DNase(mt) + ADH1 terminatorJianhui Gong3960
      BBa_K809718CodingGAL promoter + ZIM17 + hoiln(lambda phage) + ADH1 terminatorJianhui Gong1253
      BBa_K809719CodingDLD3 promoter + holin(lambda phage) + hsl1 tag + ADH1 terminatorJianhui Gong3148
      BBa_K809720CodingDLD3 promoter + kozak + yeast GFP+ ADH1 terminatorJianhui Gong2924
      BBa_K809721CodingDLD3 promoter + kozak + hoiln(lambda phage) + ADH1 terminatorJianhui Gong2522
      BBa_K809722CodingDLD3 promoter + kozak + yeast GFP + hsl1 tag +ADH1 terminatorJianhui Gong2229
      BBa_K809723CodingGAL promoter + kozak + hoiln(lambda phage)+ ADH1 terminatorJianhui Gong2522
      BBa_K809724CodingGAL promoter + kozak + Bax(human) + ADH1 terminatorJianhui Gong9148