Open classes

About our Open Classes

We have recorded 5 open classes and uploaded to the web aiming at giving people a whole picture of synthetic biology.

Now those open classes are watched by more than 3000 people, and have got more than 50 positive comments.

Lecture 1: Introduction to synthetic biology. It focuses on the history and applications of this searching area.

Lecture 2: Interesting stories about synthetic biology. We want to let more people have an interest in scientific research.

Lecture 3: About central dogma. This is the most important and most beautiful theory in synthetic biology. We hope more people can know it.

Lecture 4: About BioBrick and the basic idea in synthetic biology. Because BioBrick is the essence idea of synthetic biology.

Lecture 5: About the lab work. Because biology is a kind of science that based on experiment. It will also be much fun for people who don’t have a chance to visit laboratory.

The link to our Open Classes:

We provided the links to our Open Classes.

Youtube (non-Chinese user):

Lecture 1: Introduction to synthetic biology:

The collection of the whole 5 open classes:

Youku (Chinese user):

Lecture 1: Introduction to synthetic biology:

The collection of the whole 5 open classes:

Comments from Audiences:

Our open classes have let thousands of Chinese who knew nothing about synthetic biology have a concept about it, and they are very well reviewed

This was the record only two days since we had uploaded:

There are the comments from Chinese audiences:

Translation: This lecture is very interesting and very easy to understand.

Translation: Although I am not in this field, after watching this short lecture, I really have a brief view of the synthetic biology. SynBio really plays an important role in modern society. I am excited to see that there are so many awesome students from the SUSTC. The more Chinese students be like them, the better the future of China will be. Good job!!!.

Translation: Great presentation, I will always remember your words about synthetic biology and its future. It will be better if you can pay more attention to some details like the resolution of your slides. West China School of Medicine.S.U, chenfan.

Translation: The frame is clear, and the explanation is clear. But you are a little serious, it will be better if you are more humorous.

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