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Team Introduction

It is the best of times, it is the age of wisdom, it is the season of passion, it is the epoch of belief, we had nothing before us, we are all going direct a new way--in short, the period was so far mirror nothing of our past, that is us, our team, SEU_O_China, from nothing to everything.

Filled with creative ideas and dreams, we have been coming from all corners of our campus to form this team. With a relatively complex constitution of students from biomedical, mechanical, electrical, traffic engineering and art school, intelligence sparks from different angles of view and we have been striving for a same goal.

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Zuhong Lu, Yangtze River scholar, Section Head of Children Learning and Development Research Center Key Laboratory, PhD Advisor,professor of State Key Laboratory of biological electronics and Biomedical Engineering School,Southeast University.

Main Research Area:

  • New practical microarray technology;
  • Microarray fabrication and biosensor;
  • Bioinformics.

Professor Lu is the one who firstly informed us about iGEM, the one who gave us great support during the whole process, the one who helped us in all fields. Thank you Prof Lu, and do not leave us for PKU....However, no matter how to choose at last, you are and you will always be our most respectful mentor and we will always support you!Thank you again, Prof Lu!

Jingke Wang, PhD Advisor,professor of State Key Laboratory of biological electronics and Biomedical Engineering School,Southeast University.

Main Research Area:

  • double helix DNA microarray chip fabrication and application technology;
  • DNA binding protein detection and application;
  • DNA/protein interaction;
  • Gene expression network.

Lei Huang, Senior Engineer, has spent years in undergraduate teaching and student extracurricular research and study major in biological electronics.

Jihong Meng,has got the special allowance of the State Council since 1992,PhD Advisor,professor of Medical School of Southeast University

Main Research Area:

  • Immunology;
  • Infective Disease

Team Members


Muyuan Chen is a senior undergraduate from Biomedical Engineering School. As a talent in biology, he showed up his great passion even in high school when he curiously dissected almost all kinds of plants he could found on campus. After he got into Southeast University,his proficiency in programming triggers his idea to program the actual biological life and this idea eventually leads him to this competition. Believe it or not, iGem has given him such a platform that he can engineer bacteria to grow without symmetry. When someone asked him what is the meaning of this design, he meditated and smiled,’ How can we judge the achievements of a person when he is only a baby?’


Xuelong Fan, as a senior undergraduate from Biomedical Engineering School, has already achieved stable knowledge in molecular biology as well as experiment skills after 3 years of learning and training. Fan contributed a lot to the advance of the Southeast University’s premiere in iGem competition. From academy support to school support, from nothing to massive amount of research funding, he has thrown his blood and sweat on every step advance. He is mainly responsible for light induction in this project.


Xiaodan Xu is a junior undergraduate from School of Transportation. Her great interest in microbiology makes her, a ‘laywoman’, devote her heart and soul into this game. After a whole summer’s practice, she has grown from an insect to a creature in synthetic biology. No matter scheme design or experiment work, she showed her wisdom in almost every session and has made eternal mark during our whole progress. She is mainly responsible for RNAi in E.coli division control technology for flexible colony pattern.


Shen Gao is a senior undergraduate from Biomedical Engineering School. With his great passion in experiments, he cheered and hailed for the advance of this game. However, it was not long before he realized that the competition is more like research than a mere experiment and that research life is more like a butcher knife than Magic the Gathering. Even with perfect design,there still can be failure. It is, as he finally pointed out, more important to sometimes stop your step, meditate and smell the flowers rather than minipreping all day. He is mainly responsible for the construction of toggle switch to regulate gene expression.


Zhengyang Jia is a senior undergraduate from Biomedical Engineering School. Initially coming to our team for fun, however, he got improved interest in this competition after communication with other students. Although a late-comer in our team, he still found his special advantages. He has become an expert in plasmid-minipreping, in quality as well as quantity. Massive lab data is always astonishing for others rather than Jia because to him, it is just the lessons learned from large numbers of experiments that are truly charming and meaningful.


Xingyu Zhou is a junior undergraduate from School Of Information Science and Technology. Though a purely EE engineering student, he has been interested in molecular biology for many years. Zhou has been a creative student since he was in primary school and this even improves after entering university. With his brave imagination, he designed the special fiber-optic array device attached to the microscope used for light induction and he takes part in the design of the AHL system as well as blue light sensing pathway.He is also the main planner for our human practice part.


Xintong Ling, is a senior from the School of Information Science and Engineering. He spent two years in Chien-Shiung Wu College. He is fond of splendid formulas like eiπ+1=0. He loves harmonious theories such as Occam's Razor. He is crazy about outlining this world with mathematics, which involves integral the past and differential the future. In order to put his dear mathematics into the great career of interpreting the most complicated phenomena all over the world---the life, he decided to take part in our iGem team regardless of his fragile biological basis. He is responsible for math modeling work in our project, mainly simulating experimental results with cell-automata.


Kai Gui, a senior student from Mechanical Engineering, Southeast University, has fallen love with mathematics after studying nearly 10 subjects of different areas of math. In his opinion, the most obvious beauty of mathematics lies in abstractness. With the progress of profession study, he slowly feels that the manipulation of a machine is similar to that of an animal and that the combination of these two things can contribute better to humankind, just as Wiener has appointed as another name of his classical <Control Theory>: Cybernetics, or, control and communication in the animal and the machine. He has chosen bio-mechanical and electrical integration as his graduate orientation, as a consequence, this competition would be a stimulus for him to study biology. He is mainly responsible for math modeling in our project and he has created a new statistical method to evaluate the availability of a biological part.


Ying Cheng, a medical student who is adventurous in experiment and considerate in ward, often in her spare time, often goes to community and does voluntary work, such as giving diabetics some guidance about diet, exercise and right methods of dealing with hypoglycemia. She is a splendid experiment executor who can conduct experiments with great accuracy.


Le Zhou, an ambitious youth from the Art School, chooses the endless path of seeking art without hesitation. Though a purely layman for biology, she still perceives the variance as well as beauty of life. Feeling and seeking beauty is a constant theme of human art. Throughout the whole journey, she witnesses the growth to mature of our project. She is responsible for decorating the display of our project, cooperating with another beauty seeker.


Peng Cheng, an art seeker who is highly talented in what he loves, a homebody that combines art and technique, has a truly valuable sanguine mind. He by himself finished the style design and plotting of our project, which mains looking for a mutual language between biology and design and seeking the resonance between science and art, to eventually shown our project perfectly to the greatest extent.