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iGEM 2012 SEU_A Human Practice


Next comes what we have done for this project.
Southeast University Project



SEU_A iGEM 2012 would like to express thanks to the following people and organizations for their contribution to our team:

Academic Guidance

Prof. Zuhong Lu from Biomedical Engineering Department for his instructions in all directions and timely help.
Mr. Yunfei Bai from Biomedical Engineering Department for his practical advice and essential communication with the outside.
Mr. Jinke Wang from Biomedical Engineering Department for his flawless equipment of the molecule biology lab in which part of our research took place.
Mrs. Lei Huang from Biomedical Engineering Department for arranging and harmonizing some trivial matters.
Chunpeng He, a doctor student from Biomedical Engineering Department for helping us to use TEM and instructing our practical skills that be involved in wet experiment.
Doctor Zhigang Qu from Academy of Military Mmedical Sciences for his generously providing the RP4 plasmid.

Activities Cooperation

SEU_O_China iGEM for providing support and help on project and experiment.
NJU iGEM Teams for cooperating with the lecture for the human practice.
And all the friends that once involved in the game, providing intelligent ideas bit by bit, that really cheers up.


Almost all the work that we demonstrated has been done by ourselves.

Seua contributions
Project Design &Wet Experiment

Rui, Lan and Dan did nearly all the wet experiment, including (biobrick)part design, part assembly and validation scheme design.
Li Wang and Yue Hu also had attribution to the wet experiment.Yue Hu partly design the sweet gene biobrick meanwhile He Zhang took in charge of all the chemotoxis parts design.


The whole conjugation model had been established by Haoruo Jia, Rui Guan and Xiao Han helped him a lot with the data processing.

Human Practice

Ye Ye contacted to the NJU iGEM to invited them collaborate with us to organizing lectures among the universities. She tried her best to make our team good impression to public and she made it.
Li Wang was in full charge of the cards design, devoting to build reasonable and pleased rules.
Cover of the cards were all designed by Hongbo Xu, who has high talents in art and majors in clinical medicine.

Wiki Construction

All pages of this wiki was constructed by Dadi Zhao, who learned web design started from scratch in this summer. In order to show you our project vividly, he also use some JavaScript & CSS3 method trying to avoid boring word accumulation.

Hand Paintings

All the hand paintings were drawn by Hongbo Xu, and he also design our logo and mascot which had profound meaning and art value at the same time.


We helped SEU_O_CHINA as below:
We held a lecture on synthetic biology as human practice and invited NJU to share ideas together . Almost all of the organizational work is done by the member of our team,such as contact to the students of NJU and arrange the time and place of the lecture.
In the final stage of experiment,we help them in their construction of standard BioBrick. For example,we provided them with the bacteria caring pSB1C3 and the expression vector for verification experiment.
We are responsible for most of the health cleaning and sterilization work.

What SEU_O_China helped us can be seen here:

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