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The Dance Your PhD Contest and Other Videos

On this page, we'll be sharing some of our favourite videos from this year as well as past years, along with some other dance videos that we just enjoy! Click here for a full list of this year's finalists! and follow this link for the results of the 2012 contest! These are all awesome videos.

Emma Ware is a Queen's PhD graduate from the Biomotion Lab in the Department of Psychology. Her video won the Social Sciences Category for Dance Your PhD 2011 and this was a part of our team's inspiration. In her video, she explains her research with pigeon behaviour.

Possibly the first existing video of people modelling science using dance. I also don't think anyone has done anything on this scale ever. It is awesome and it has a very 70s vibe to it.

This was one of the finalists for DYPhD 2012. Anna-Maria Lahesmaa-Korpinen uses dancers to explain her work in cancer proteomics. One of the really cool things about this video is that she uses dancers to form graphs of what her data actually looks like.

This 2012 entry wasn't a finalist, but it is just too hilarious to not share. Snow melt, Pollination, and Rock n Roll by Zack Gezon.

The winner DYPhD 2011: Microstructure-Property Relationships in Ti2448 Components Produced by Selective Laser Melting by Joel Miller, using stop-motion video!

This year's winner! Evolution of nanostructural architecture in 7000 series aluminium alloys during strengthening by age-hardening and severe plastic deformation by Peter Liddicoat.