Our Circuit

Our circuit focuses on improving and appending a pre-existing construct as well as constructing a novel construct to create a feed-back loop that is capable of preventing the cell from overtaxing itself in production of adhesion protein and surface-positiong silicatein alpha protein. The following image demonstrates the basic schematic of the circuit:

This circuit can then be broken down into the individual constructs:

Construct One: OmpR234 upregulation of Curli Adhesion Protein with Tet Repressible Promotor

The first construct of our circuit is design to express the outer membrane protein R234 (OmpR234) which upregulates expression of the Curli Adhesion protein under a tet-Repressible promotor. The OmpR234-upregulation construct is available in the Parts Registry as a working part from the 2010 iGEM Team from INSA-Lyon as part BBa_K342003. Attached to the circuit, the tet-Repressible promotor is controlled by the tet protein expression in construct two.

Construct Two: OmpA-Silicatein Alpha with tetR with Lac Inducible Promotor

Upon the addition of Lactose to the system, the construct will begin the expression of the outer membrane protein that is bound to the silica polymerizing protein, as well as the tetR repressor protein.