Our Faculty Advisors

Dr. Kari Clase and Dr. Jenna Rickus acted as the faculty advisers and mentors to the team during the project by means of providing lab space and supplies, organization and administrative advice, and technical and scientific guidance.

Graduate Student Mentors

Graduate Students Rajtarun Madangopal ( BME), Janie Brennan (ChE and former Purdue iGEMmer ), Soo Jung Ha (Biotech), and Tony Pedley (MCMP) provided project support in technical expertise, experience with experimental design, trouble shooting, lab materials, and general guidance.

Additional Attributions

Additional training on PCR machine, OD spectrophotometer, centrifuge, Beckman Coulter Flow Cytometer, and carioclypse spectrophotometer was done by Rajtarun Madangopal, Dr. Larisa Avramova (Integrated Screening Technologies, Purdue Bindley Bioscience Center), Dr. Lake Paul (Biophysical Analysis Lab), Justin Meyers, Purdue Flow Cytometry Facility Manager, and Rouxi Wu (Graduate Student, BME). With the assistance of Jing Liu, a graduate student in Agriculture and Biological Engineering, members of the team were trained in silica matrix formation and characterization as well as bioreactor protocols.

The Purdue iGEM team would like to thank the City of Noblesville, Indiana, including Director of Economic Development Judi Johnson and Mayor John Ditslear for support and collaboration in the Biomaker Bench project. We would also like to thank Temara Payton, Membership Development Manager, Girl Scouts of Indiana, for assistance and collaboration in the Biomaker Biotech Workshop project, as well as Rebecca Schini, Teacher, Greenfield High School, for her contributions as facilitator of efforts towards the Biomaker Biotechnology Workshop, the iGEM 2012 High School Competition, and the Purdue BioBuilder/HHMI Workshops.


Funding for the Purdue iGEM team was provided by Dow AgroSciences, Purdue University College of Agriculture, and Purdue University's Office for the Vice President of Researh.