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<!DOCTYPE html> Tabbed Content


Setting <ul class="tabs" persist="ture">...</ul> will turn on the persistence feature: the most recently clicked tab will be remembered even if the page is reloaded or revisited within the browser session.

Note: If you open this page directly with physical path(i.e. file:///D:/tabcontent/demo.html ) instead of from web app, you may not see this feature.

Multiple Tab Contents

You can have multiple tab contents on the same page, with only one copy of the CSS and JavaScript files.

Bookmark Support

You can also open a tab or a bookmark from a link anywhere on the page.

This is a paragraph with id="mark4".

By clicking the bookmark link at the bottom of this Tab Content, you will see me with this Tab Content panel being opened at the same time.

Opened by a link from another page

Link from another page can select a tab on the target page when loaded.

Change the CSS link to template1~6 in the source code of this page for different templates.

Example of bookmark support: Bookmark link to mark4

Version: v2012.5.22
Visit to get the newest version and more detailed instructions online.