We are very proud of our many achievements from this summer. Here is a compilation of our feats!

1. We collaborated with a lab and helped 4 other iGEM teams by sharing DNA materials, characterizing their parts and modeling! Click Here.

2. We outlined in detail a new approach of human pratice called "Sowing Tomorrow's Synthetic Biologists"! Click Here.

3. We presented all fresh iGEMers with a collection and praise of historic iGEM projects to share and learn from each other! Click Here.

4. We submitted 11 high quality and well-characterized standard biobricks! Click Here.

5. We improved the ease-of-use of "Lux Brick" that primarily constructed by Cambridge iGEM 2010 and carefully characterized its dynamics of functionality! Click Here or MainPage.

6. We successfully implemented spatiotemporal control of cellular behavior, such as high-resolution 2D and 3D bio-printing using dim light, and even utilizing the luminescence of an iPad! Click Here and Here.

7. We successfully implemented cell-cell communication using bioluminescence for the very first time in synthetic biology! Here.

Therefore, we believe that we deserve a Gold Medal Prize.

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