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Some projects need more than passion and time to be achieved. The iGEM 2012 Paris Saclay's team sincerely wants to thank all its sponsors that could have made this adventure possible. For logistics, advices and financial support, they have been here and are now part of this!

Embassy of France in the USA, Office for science and technology


The Office for Science and Technology is a team dedicated to helping members of the French science and technology community. Their mission is to promote french science and technology in the USA, as well as keeping track of american scientific advances, investments and strategies in innovation and developmental research. This information is circulated in France in order to encourage sharing between the French and the American scientific communities.

Mayoly Spindler


Mayoly Spindler laboratory is an independent French family-run pharmaceutical company from the Paris area established in 1929.

Mayoly Spindler is a mid-size company based upon 3 key activities:

  1. Gastroenterology
  2. Skin cosmetics
  3. International development


ThermoFisher logo.png

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a world leader in scientific innovation. Its worldwide reputation comes from its 350,000-strong customer base, among which are pharmaceutical and biotech companies, hospitals and clinical diagnostics labs, universities, research institutions and government agencies.



Since its creation in 1967, Sebia is one of the world leading companies in the electrophoresis market, as well as number one in the market in Europe. One of Sebia's particularities is its desire to give a qualified scientific assistance. Benefiting from their experience in this field, biologists from Sebia help laboratories interpret experimental results.