Glycerol Stocks


These should be made with the rest of the overnight culture not used in the miniprep procedure.

  • Overnight Cultures
  • 60% Glycerol by volume (Autoclaved)
  • 2mL microcentrifuge tubes


Create the Glycerol Stock

  1. Create the Glycerol Stock
  2. Add 1.5mL of the overnight stock into the microcentrifuge tube
  3. Add .5mL of the sterile 60% glycerol stock to the microcentrifuge tube
  4. Gently shake and mix to ensure even distribution of the glycerol
  5. Label the tube, and put it into the -80C freezer

Recovering the Cells

  1. Scrape the cells from the ice on the glycerol stock with a sterile loop
  2. Plate the cells with the loop on a plate with antibiotics
  3. Place the glycerol stock back in the -80C freezer
  4. Incubate the plate at 37C overnight for individual colonies