Attributions of undergraduate students

Parts design and Molecular operation: Jia-Bao Chen & Jia-Wei Gu

Green plant transfection and culture: Lu-Xiao Chen, Yue-Chen Liu, Chu-Ze Shen, and Jian Gao

Organization for human practice: Xin-Yue Luo,

Measurement: Lu-Xiao Chen, Yue-Chen Liu, Chu-Ze Shen

Wiki and presentation design: Xin-Yue Luo, Jian Gao, Jia-Bao Chen


Works done by others

Sequence of the original plant miRNA gene and cloning of this gene is provided by instructor Prof. Zhi Hong and graduate student Xiao Lin Sang.

The guidance of plant transfection and tissue culture is also provided by our instructors.


All the primers synthesis and gene sequencing were done by GenScript Company.


The pPZP 212 vector was purchased from BioVector Company.