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iGEM Grenoble 2012



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Week 24: June 11th to 17th

During this week, we worked on the amplifier design (RsmA-rsmY system):


We also sat up the working hypothesis in order to test the RsmA-rsmY system. We first decided to test the RBS fha efficiency, the RsmA inhibition ability and the rsmY ability to remove this inhibition.

In order to do this, we looked for the biobricks involved in this genetic network and for the sequences of RsmA, rsmY and fha.

We compared the fha and Csra (E. coli fha equivalent) sequences found in the literature, with the one used by the iGEM Grenoble 2011 team and we realised that the sequence was too long. We thus decided to take a shorter sequence (47bp).

We searched in the literature to find a way to build a detection module.