Team: iGEM Frankfurt -


21.-25 May: Achema 2012

The Achema is the worlds largest exhibition for chemistry, chemical engineering and biotechnology. We have the comfortable situation to study in the town were this event takes place every forth year. We thought the local iGEM team should not be missing there and followed the invitation of the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (Federal ministry for education and research, BMBF) and presented our project. Not only did we have the possibility to inform our self about the newest inovations, we were also able to establish contact to people who work in adjacent fields.

22. June: Night of Science 2012

This year students of Goethe University Frankfurt arranged the Night of Science and we presented our project. We gave a short presentation on what our project is about. Also we distributed some selfmade cake, german stevia "Götterspeise" and commercial stevia chocolate. Under a microscope the audience could look for some nice yeast cells and also we arrange to get a original stevia plant. Since the main audience were non-scientists we did a presentation on synthetic biology in general. A lot of people were very interested in our project so we had many exciting conversations. All in all we got a lot of positive feedback this evening which strengthen us in our project.

8-9. July: Conference on Biotechnology in Berlin

In Juli the BMBF invited all German teams to a conference on future challenges of biotechnology. In Addition to the possebility of presenting the projects to established scientists we all were happy about the opportunity of meeting the other teams.

25. July: CAS München 2012

The iGEM Team Munich invited us to the CAS conference. Together with several lectures it was also a great opportunity to meet other iGEM Teams and present our poster.

24. August: Ostwald Colloquium

One of our sponsors, the Ostwald Foundation, arranged an colloquium at the Max Planck Institute of Biophysics in Frankfurt. There some of the professors of Max Planck Institute but also some guest speakers hold very interesting lectures on current research. There we get the chance to present our poster.