Tired of designing primers manually? Fiddling with primer lengths to get the Tm just right? So were we! Use our (revolutionary, and wheel-reinventing) tool to design the primers for you. Simply put your sequence in the "DNA" field and select which kind of primers you want. Scroll down to see the results! The Tm is specially tailored for use with the NEBPhusion polymerase (which is, totally coincidentally, the one we use), but should be comparable to most others.

The code is open-source, by the way.



Warning: This is a very basic tool and should not be seen as a replacement for your brain. This is in no way a complete tool for primer design and shouldn't be trusted! Always check the results yourself. The Tm calculation is based on Belsauer et al. 1986 (with some small modifications, inspired by and has as a goal to stay close (in principle it should be the same) to the results found by the NEB Phusion HF-PCR reference (the kit we're using). The tail is ignored in the Tm calculation. Also take a look at iGEM's primer design page.

Known limitations are: only A, C, G and T are accepted as input, the concentration of salts(50mM of Na+), and the primer concentration (500nM) can't be set.