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Tuesday, 31st July, informal meeting

  • For checking PHY42 in a gel, are 900 and 5000 bp OK?
  • Sequence the PHY42 plasmid (look for standard primers)
  • List our enzymes
  • What is the tolerable size of digestion results (for melanopsin, we would have ~4500 nucleotides and ~900 + <size of melanopsin> nucleotides)?
  • Do we need a backbone (pGL) Maxiprep as well?
  • How do you check that the backbone has not religated on luciferase? How to remove luciferase? PCR on the digested backbone?
  • Gel on our pGL4.30 miniprep (for example, digest with HindIII and MfeI, gives ~4000 and ~2000 bp products)
  • Site-directed mutagenesis on LovTAP (remove the XbaI and EcoRI sites)

Thursday, 23rd August, informal meeting

When we get pCEP4:

  • Digest with BgIII to remove pCMV
  • Ligate with LovTAP RO

When we get pcDNA3.1(-):

Task assignment:

  • Safety interview 24-08: Diego, Alex
  • Western blot training: Shreya