We have explored many different Human Practices approaches:


Survey about synthetic biology

Have an insight on what people think synthetic biology is through a survey about genetic engineering and biological research, try to find out what aspects of research in this field still causes social problems. Please visit the Survey page for more details.

High school talks

Increase the visibility of the iGEM Project by giving several talks.

Talk at a conference at EPFL

We gave a presentation and presented a poster at the SSBE conference at EPFL.

Meetup with ETHZ

Offer help to another team: collaboration with ETH Zurich.

Software tools to help other teams

We developed an open-source Primer Design Helper for all your primer designing needs. Feel free to reuse the code for your wiki or other applications!

EPFL newspaper publication

We wrote an article presenting iGEM in general and our project in particular that has been published in the monthly EPFL newspaper Flash.

Twitter account


Youtube account


Poster at a conference in Berlin

One of the team members participated to the EU-Korea Conference for Science and Technology in Berlin in Berlin.

Poster and survey at the Student Fair

Another team member that was part of the EPFL advertisement delegation at the Student Fair in Geneva and also presented our project there.

Cell Creator

We are going to show it at the Amsterdam Jamboree, it is a surprise for the moment!

Team-EPF-Lausanne-very motivated cell dressed as hamster.png