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Cooper Union Kanbar Lab Notebook

August, 2012

Week 1

Tuesday, 14th

  • Created antibiotic CAM by mixing .250g of 25mg/ml of CAM powder with 10ml of EtOH
  • Pipetted 135µl of LB with 15µl of glucose to create growth media and placed in 37°C bath
  • Created two plates, one labelled control without IPTG and one with IPTG
  • Chemically transformed competent cells (DH5α) with IPTG induced GFP plasmid using bioline protocol
  • Plated 10µl of antibiotics, all of the transformed cells and 10µl of IPTG (did not place IPTG for control plate)
  • Placed in incubator 37°C overnight

Wednesday, 15th

  • Observed no growth for both plates
  • Concluded that possible lack of expression could be from a lack of a terminator