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We are the iGEM-team representing Chalmers University of Technology, consisting of 7 undergraduate students, 2 supervisors and 2 advisors.

From left to right: Marcus Willhelmson (advisor), Anna Rundstedt, Joakim Norbeck (supervisor), Verena Siewers (supervisor), Amir Mustedanagic, Rachel Engeler, Torbjörn Lundh (advisor), Helén Olsson, Sofia Andersson, Johan Biörkeroth, Johan Wiebe.





Supervisors and Advisors

Verena Siewers
Position: PostDoc
Favorite organelle: Peroxisome

Joakim Norbeck
Position: Associate Professor
Favorite organelle:

Torbjörn Lundh
Position: Professor in Mathematics
Favorite organelle: Golgi apparatus

Marcus Wilhelmsson
Position: Associate Professor
Favorite organelle:


As the second biggest city in Sweden and the city with the most students Gothenburg is a great place if you want to experience the student life as well as living in a big city. The city is stuffed with kind people and a lot of things to do on a relatively small area. This combined with beautiful nature such as central parks, “slottsskogen”, “botaniska trädgården” and the constant presence of water from rivers and the sea makes Gothenburg very living.

In your free time there are a lot of different things to do, since the city of Gothenburg offers something to every taste. There are two reoccurring music festivals in Gothenburg each year namely Way Out West and Metaltown. These two combined with the annual Kulturkalaset, which is a practically free cultural party in the center of the city (consisting of music, art, dance and theatre among others), should cover all the cultural interests any one could have. Gothenburg have also top performing sports teams in the highest divisions in for example; football, ice hockey and handball. The city also supplies a lot of different shopping stores, coffee shops and a vibrant night life. In addition it holds the largest amusement park in Scandinavia.

Here is an advertising video about Gothenburg

Chalmers University of Technology

At Chalmers University of Technology research and teaching are conducted on a broad front within natural science, technology and architecture. The educational programmes focus on the individual’s development with the help of supervision, problem-solving, industrial and research contact, sustainable development and reality-based leadership. Chalmers develops its structures for recruitment and promotion so that excellence within research and education, the interplay between various perspectives, long term sustainable growth, equal environments and integrated diversity are strengthened.

Chalmers was founded in 1829 as a result of a donation from the director of the Swedish East India Company, William Chalmers. His motto, and Chalmers’, is: Avancez!