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iGEM is not a very well known competition at Chalmers University of Technology since the history of iGEM teams at Chalmers is quite brief. We are the first Chalmers team to participate at the European Jamboree and we believe that students shall be introduced to and much more aware of the iGEM competition. One way for us to achieve this was during different presentations during this project. Since the Chalmers iGEM team’s project was an integrated part of a Bachelor’s thesis project, several presentation were held, talking about synthetic biology and iGEM.

Seminar during a summer science school

Presentation during a summer science school

However, not only students from Chalmers were introduced to iGEM and synthetic biology. It is also important to make even younger people interested in synthetic biology and its possibilities. In August we held a presentation for young students talking about synthetic biology in an inspiring and funny way. The students were participating in a science school during the summer and we held two presentations, talking about the applications of synthetic biology and what we are doing and things that can be done using genetic engineering.