- Notebook

March - April

March. 26th – April. 1th


■CBNU-KOREA team is organized
■Had first meeting
■Introduced about iGem & previous project of CBNU-KOREA


■Planned plan of near future
■(Start -> Find similar gene comparing sequence by BLAST in 15 species(DEG) -> Certify between ssential genes and result of BLAST -> Certify if it is equal or over than 80% -> If it is, adjust to 1500 species.)
■Department of Computer engineering : Planned to study for the possibilities of the automation of BLAST.
■Department of Statistics: Planned to calculate probability to be match between BLAST results and experimently presumed essential genes.
■Department of Microbiology: Planned to study for the database of NCBI(Variable of NC file).


■Re-defined the name of the project of this year(BIDOB)
■Planned to presume essential brick using NCBI data.

Apr. 2nd – Apr. 8th


■Parsed a data of 15 species in NCBI and built DB for a first time.
■Made a result of analysis and built it to DB.
■Planned to study to have a understandable reliability(%) on our analysis.


Build DB of NCBI information.


■Presumption of Essential Gene : Grouped more than two species and analyzed characteristic of each genome. Studied a EGGS Site.
■Analysis of location, direction and array of essential gene : Studied for organization analysis of statistic-biology. Studied some of research paper.
■Implementing viewer : Planned to study for JAVA computer language.


■Presumption of Essential Gene : Find species-EG by analyzing in each species.
■Presumption of Essential Gene : Find Essential gene by analyzing result between species.
■Presumption of Essential Function : Analyze function of each essential genes.
■Analyzing the array of genes : Analyze location and array of essential genes and every genes.
■Implement Viewer by built DB.