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Killswitch BioBricks
Numbers Team Year Trigger What it Does Where?
BBa_I716462 UC-Berkeley 2007 Arabinose promoter BamHI
BBa_K512002 USC2011 IPTG, targets GFP gene CRISPR-mediated GFP plasmid degradation
BBa_K112808 UC-Berkeley 2008 No PromoterT4 Lysis device Plate 3, 6G
BBa_K541545 FAGEM 2011 IPTG Limulus Anti-Lipopolysaccharide Factor for E.coli (IPTG Inducible)
BBa_K593009 METU-Ankara2011T7 Promoter ROSE regulated kill switch, (RNA thermometer, only activates above 42°)
BBa_K628006 St. Andrews 2011 pBad Protegrin-1 Kill Switch, (Antimicrobial peptide)
Strasbourg 2010 I don't know what the heck.
Tokyo Metropolitan 2011 Killer Bee e.coli?
UNIST Korea 2011 Killed by high and low temps, not if dark.
Harvard 2010 Barnase cleaves RNA!
BBa_I716211 UC Berkeley 2007 No Promoter Harvard got IPTG inducible Barnase/Barnstar from Anderson Lab at UCB
Hong Kong 2010 Possible new killswitch, not implemented
BBa_K565001 Valencia2011 ? 12 kb Colicin G
BBa_K565002 Valencia 2011 ? 12 kb Colicin H
BBa_K565004 Valencia 2011 No Promoter Microcin C51 production device (5 restriction sites)
BBa_K185004 SJTU-BioX-Shanghai 2009 No Promoter RelE toxin+Double terminator
UNICAMP Brazil 2009 All sorts of kill switches, but may not all work in E. coli.
BBa_K284017 UNICAMP-Brazil 2009 Lactate (Yeast) Lysozyme
BBa_K131000 Calgary2008 SOS Promoter Colicin 2E3, 22A
BBa_K112806 UC Berkeley 2008 T7 T4 Endolysin
BBa_K302035 Newcastle 2010 Sucrose limit MazEF
BBa_K124014 Brown 2008 No Promoter Mutated Holin Gene (Inconsistent sequencing)
BBa_K419003 TzuChiU_Formosa 2010 pLysLysis Cassette - no antiholin
BBa_K317039 Tokyo-NoKoGen 2010AHL AHL sensitive lysis cassette
BBa_K317040 Tokyo-NoKoGen 2010 IPTG IPTG sensitive lysis cassette
BBa_K299806 Warsaw 2010 MinC cell division inhibitor
BBa_K150007 Heidelberg2008 Native Operon Colicin E1
BBa_K150010 Heidelberg2008 Native Operon Colicin E9
BBa_K145230 KULeuven 2008 HSL-LuxR ccdb
BBa_K117009 NTU-Singapore 2008 IPTG Colicin E7
BBa_K117000 NTU-Singapore 2008 Lysin (activates Colicin E7)
BBa_K108001 Tsinghua 2008 Enterobacter phage lysis

Distribution BioBricks
Location Part Name Function Use Other Plasmid Resistance
Plate 1
5P BBa_P1003 Kan Resistance Resistance Full Cassette Kan, Amp, Tet
7B BBa_P1004 Chlor Resist Resistance Full Cassette Kan, Amp
14C BBa_C0261 AHL Synthase AHL Kill Switch No Promoter Amp
24E BBa_I13600 CFP reporter fluorescence 0 Amp
Plate 2
17F BBa_I20260 GFP reporter Fluorescence Strong const. Kan
14N BBa_K117009 Colicin E7 Kill Switch Lactose prom Amp
14D BBa_K117000 Lysis gene Kill Switch Aids colicin Amp
9B BBa_J09250 GFP reporter Fluoresence Strong Const. Kan
Plate 3
2D BBa_I746909 Superfold GFP Fluoresence T7 Amp
5G BBa_K137076 H2O2 gen. Kill Switch AHL induce Amp
6G BBa_K112808 Lysis Device Kill Switch No Promoter Amp
13M BBa_K093012 RFP Fluorescence Strong const. Amp
14E BBa_K081018 TetR Resistance Strong const. Amp, Kan
15B BBa_K112000 Holin Kill Switch No promoter ?Spec
15D BBa_K112005 "RBS, Holin" Kill Switch No Promoter ?Spec
15H BBa_K112017 lysozyme Kill Switch No Promoter ?Spec
15J BBa_K112106 BgIII endonuc. Kill Switch No Promoter ?Spec
20I BBa_K124003 Lysis Cassette Kill Switch ? Kan
20K BBa_K124014 M S Holin Kill Switch No Promoter Amp, Kan
20M BBa_K124017 M Lysis cassette Kill Switch No Promoter Kan
21O BBa_K106674 GFP Fluorescence Med. Const. ?amp
22A BBa_K131000 Colicin E2 Kill Switch SOS promoter Kan, Amp
22C BBa_K131010 Colicin E2 Kill Switch AHL induce, c GFP "Kan, Amp
24E BBa_K112022 Lysis Device Kill Switch No Prom, weak anti protein Amp, Kan
Plate 4
3I BBa_K398406 Solvent Tolerant Other (Hex. Tol) Strong const. Chlor
6M BBa_K112806 T4 Endolysin Kill Switch No Prom Amp
7C BBa_K314200 Tse Toxin Kill Switch No Prom Chlor
8G BBa_K206000 pBAD Promoter Promoter Arabinose ind Amp
21G BBa_K314203 Tse Tox. Ind.Anti Kill switch HSL ind immunity Chlor
Plate 5
1A BBa_K515107 Photo-Switch Death test/Fluor pTet Chlor
12O BBa_I13604 Con. YFP ind CFP Fluor Strong const./lacI Amp
14I BBa_K299806 minC Kill Switch No Promoter Amp