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Miriam Fougeras

Studies: Molecular biotechnology. After my high school I decided to make a practical training in lab. Due to do positive experience I decided to deepen my knowledge by going to university and studying molecular biotechnology.

The reason why I participate in iGEM: I am taking part at iGEM to learn how to plan a research project and to work in a motivated team. Especially, I am interested in meeting people from a number of different countries. I am hoping to get more practical training in the lab and hopefully have fun with my and the other teams in boston :) .

What I hope to achieve during working in Lab: Of course I hope that at least most of our experiments show meaningful results and that we can convince the committee with our project.

What I do if I'm not in Lab: My favored free time activity is traveling. Further, I like to meet friends, go out on weekend and cook. Besides my studies I have a job as a waitress at the weekends.

My favourite laboratory equipment: I love the clean bench. IT’s so nice and CLEAN :)

My favourite Protein: Laccase, what else should it be? :)

And my favourite organism: Trametes versicolor because its so nice and colorful. Not to forget to mention that we work with it… :)

What I think about safety an how I want to practise it: Depends…sometimes I think OH MY GOSH, is that really necessary…but I know that it is just for my safety… so of course I care about my safety and wear gloves, coat, and safety glasses.

Time I like most to work: (early bird/ not a morning person) Lab working I like to do in the early morning. When it comes to studying or data analysis I prefer the evening. Besides, I hate to work at nights.