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Malak Fawaz

Bielefeld2012 Malak-Bild.jpg

Studies: Genome-Based Systems Biology, because it’s an interdisciplinary field of study that combines genome research and systems biology, both of which I’m interested in!

The reason why I participate in iGEM: iGEM is a worldwide competition in synthetic biology, which enables its participants to explore this field in a competitive and collaborative environment. It’s a great experience being part of an iGEM team J As a member of an iGEM team I hope we would be able to achieve our expected results and develop a filter system to purify wastewater with the help of synthetic biology. On the other hand, I also hope we could improve the public perception of synthetic biology and reveal the great potential of this emerging field of science.

What I do if I'm not in Lab: Free Time?! Hobbies?!! Not this summer… Now it’s all about iGEM!

My favourite Protein: Serotonin, the happy hormone.

What I think about safety an how I want to practise it: Lab safety is certainly a priority when working in labs. If you’re not aware of the safety rules and guidelines, then you’ld better stay out of labs, especially when it comes to synthetic biology or GMOs!

Time I like most to work: (early bird/ not a morning person) I’m definitely a night person and a grouch in the morning, but I don’t think that’s a problem, shift work in the lab is not a bad idea ;)